Why Winter is an Excellent Time for Tree Removal Services

Why Winter is an Excellent Time for Tree Removal Services

Pruning or tree removal during the winter is a common practice and yields some excellent results once spring comes around.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, trees are a big landscaping focal point for many businesses and homes. This makes tree pruning or removal one of the most essential elements of proper landscape maintenance. Pruning all of your trees in the winter is a common practice and yields some excellent results once spring comes around. Read on for some reasons to hire us for some tree removal and tree pruning services!

Why Are Tree Removal Services Necessary?

Why not just leave your trees alone and allow nature to run its course? After all, a lot of people prefer wild and untamed landscapes. The most important reason to cut down your trees is safety. This is very true with larger trees, which could be at risk for dropping heavy, dead branches that could injure people and cause damage. Pruning and tree removal techniques can also be used to help influence the future growth pattern of a tree. This could help improve the tree’s overall structural integrity and give it a more beautiful shape. It could also encourage the tree to steer clear of any power lines, houses, or other essential structures. Pruning could even make a tree less dense, so it allows through more light. If you are concerned about your trees looking too manicured, it is also possible to do some light pruning without taking away the natural beauty.

Why Should I Remove My Trees in Winter?

Winter is one of the best times of the year to cut back on any trees since most plants are dormant in the coldest months of the year. During this dormancy period, a tree’s growth will slow down, and it consumes less energy while it stops generating food. The process is similar to hibernation. While they are dormant, trees are much less open to possible harm caused by pruning and less likely to be harmed by insects and fungus, which all slow down in the winter. When done correctly, tree removal encourages the other dormant trees to flourish in the spring by priming them for healthy, fast regrowth. The process of winter tree trimming is very important for deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in the fall) because it is a lot easier to see a tree’s structure when it is bare and not obscured by any foliage.

Superior Landscaping Services from Paul’s Lawn Service

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Posted: February 3, 2022


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