When to Aerate Your Landscape

When to Aerate Your Landscape

As spring rolls around, aerating your landscape and lawn can be incredibly beneficial.

As spring rolls around, aerating your landscape and lawn can be incredibly beneficial. In fact, the best time to aerate your lawn tends to be as the weather begins to warm up — like the spring. For the most part, aerating your lawn as the grass begins to grow is often the most effective and efficient way to ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the spring season. The reality is, grasses will usually grow differently based on the type of grasses that they actually are. Ultimately, cool-season grasses are typically the most suited to be aerated in the spring and fall — while warm-season grasses are traditionally best aerated in the spring and summer. Here are the best tips and tricks associated with effectively and efficiently aerating your landscape.

Grasses — The Difference Between Warm And Cool Season Ones

There are two different types of grasses: warm-season and cool-season ones. In fact, the main difference between the two types of grasses include the most active times for grasses to actually grow. The reality is, warm season grasses tend to be most effective at growing efficiently between April and October. Ultimately, warm season grasses are usually heat and drought tolerant — which actually makes them significantly more ideal for warmer climates. For the most part, cool season grasses tend to work well in both warm and freezing climates alike.

Aerating Warm Season Grass

When it comes to warm season grass, aerating it at the right time will truly make all the difference in the health and growth of your overall landscape. In fact, aeration is simply the process of actually breaking up all the soil and thatch on your lawn. The reality is, this process will typically allow water and nutrients alike to reach the roots of the grass. Ultimately, this process overall can significantly help to allow your grass to grow quicker and more effectively. 

Aerating Cool Season Grass

On the other hand, aerating cool season grass is slightly different from warm season grass. In fact, the ideal time to aerate your cool season grass include both the spring and fall. The reality is, when you begin to invest in grass for your landscape, having cool season grass can be a wonderful investment. Ultimately, cool season grass can benefit from being in climates that have more moderate temperatures. 

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Posted: March 31, 2022


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