The Importance of Mulching

The Importance of Mulching

Do you have mulch in your landscape?

Mulch can help you achieve a lush and healthy landscape. It insulates the soil, retains water, and protects soil from damage. When used correctly, mulch could be your secret to achieving all your landscaping goals.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching helps reduce the loss of moisture in the soil through evaporation. It also helps control the growth and germination of weeds. Proper mulching will protect the roots of trees, shrubs, and other plants from extreme temperatures, particularly in the summer and winter. When you’re using your lawn mower or weed whacker, a layer of mulch will protect your plants from inadvertent damage. It also makes your landscape look neat and uninformed.

Types of Mulch

There are various types of mulch that provide different benefits. The two major forms are organic or inorganic. Organic mulches are made with organic materials, including wood chips, pine needles, hardwood or softwood bark, leaves, compost mixes, and other combinations of plant material. Organic mulch decomposes, which means that it needs to be replenished. The rates of decomposition depend on the material, climate, and microorganisms. Decomposition improves the quality of the soil which many people see as a major benefit. Inorganic mulch is made of materials that include stone, rubber, various fabrics, or other combinations of inorganic materials. Because they don’t decompose, they don’t need to be replaced at the same rate as organic mulch. There also aren’t any nutrients present that benefits the health of the soil.

Tips for Adding Mulch

When adding mulch around the base of a tree, you should start by removing grass within a 3- to 10-foot area, depending on the size of the tree. Next, pour the mulch about 2 to 4 inches deep within that circle. Be mindful that the mulch should not touch the trunk of the tree. Too much mulch can become matted and inhibit air and water from penetrating through. If the soil is too wet, it can also lead to excess moisture, which can cause rot. To maintain existing mulch, use a rake to break up any matted layers and refresh the appearance.

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Posted: April 2, 2018


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