stone walkways

Spruce Up Your Yard With Stone Walkways

stone walkways

Stone walkways are an easy, economical, and practical way to make your yard look great!

As the warmer months hit and people spend more time outdoors, you may notice your otherwise perfect yard getting trampled. Increased foot traffic between frequently used parts of your property can wear paths into your lawn, creating dirty, muddy trenches. One way to solve this problem and make your yard look great is to install stone walkways.

  • Functional

While stone walkways can be a beautiful addition to your yard, they can also serve a variety of useful functions. They can direct traffic to and from often-used areas of your property, preventing the creation of more trampled grass paths. They can provide a stable walking surface when the surrounding grass is muddy, damp, or slippery. Unlike some ceramic tiles, stone walkways do not typically get slippery when wet.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

In addition to covering up unsightly dirt paths, stone walkways add a different texture and dimension to your lawn. This contrast makes your yard look more dynamic and exciting, and can serve to draw the eye to particular landscape features of your choosing. Because they are made with stone rather than other materials which may have specific needs for locations of installation, stone walkways can be installed virtually anywhere and in any shape, direction, or pattern. The stones themselves also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to perfectly complement your existing yard.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Since stone walkways are made of stone, they do not require the same production processes that pavers or other walkway alternatives do. As a result, installing and maintaining them does not create any unwanted pollutants or utilize products that harm the environment. Additionally, since stone walkways require fewer stages of production and very little maintenance, they are a very cost-effective option for beautifying your yard.

  • Easy to Maintain

Stone walkways are incredibly simple to maintain. Aside from the occasional sweep to remove errant dirt and debris, stone walkways essentially take care of themselves. It is very difficult to damage a stone walkway, and there is no need to varnish, refinish, or repair the grout of a stone walkway. You do not need to worry about it rotting or being attacked by termites or other pests. As a result, your stone walkway will always look its best.

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Posted: May 30, 2019


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