Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring Landscaping Tips

Here are some useful spring landscaping tips!

We’ve made it through the winter and finally reached the warm days and chilly mornings of spring. That means that we’ve also reached the perfect time of year to breathe new life into that landscape. Check out this guide of spring landscaping tips and bring the beauty back to your property.

Pre-Emergents and Fertilizers

Just as the grass, flowers, and leaves begin to grow in the spring, the weeds will also start making their appearances as well. Control the weeds by applying a pre-emergent before they begin to overtake your garden and landscape. On the other hand, choose a slow-release fertilizer to help provide the perfect amount of nutrients to help facilitate the growth of those parts of your landscape that you do want to see flourish and grow.

Grub Worms and Cutworms

Two nuisances that you’ll have to contend with are grub worms and cutworms. You’ll know if they’re present when you see armadillos and possums digging up the ground. Use granular insecticide to help keep the worms at bay. This will help keep your lawn from becoming a maze of holes and mounds.

Encourage New Growth

You can use a few techniques to encourage new growth. First, be sure to prune your trees. Pruning makes them less susceptible to fungal diseases and allows them to grow evenly. You should also take this time to remove some of the damage that may have occurred over the winter. Inspect your trees, grass, and shrubs for spots that need to be trimmed or completely removed. Don’t shy away from large cutbacks, which can help beautify your landscape and completely get rid of those damaged, unappealing limbs.

Sprinkler System

At the start of the cold weather, you likely winterized your sprinkler system to ensure that the pipes wouldn’t burst from ice. Now the weather is much more favorable, remember to de-winterize your irrigation system so that you can continue giving your landscape the water that it will need to flourish.

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Posted: April 5, 2019


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