Why Spring Cleaning and Yard Waste Removal Are So Important

Why Spring Cleaning and Yard Waste Removal Are So Important

Yard waste removal is the perfect spring cleaning task.

If you heard the phrase “spring cleaning,” you probably have an immediate picture that comes to mind—cleaning out closets, basements, a garage perhaps. What many of us fail to think about is our yards and keeping our yard spaces clean. Yard waste removal is the perfect spring cleaning task and after you’re done, you’ll feel the same kind of relief you do when you donate a box of junk from your basement. Think of yard waste removal as a means of giving yourself a fresh start. Not convinced?Here are some reasons you may want to do some spring cleaning in your yard!

Post-Winter Cleaning

After the end of winter, you’ll be able to get a much better idea of the damage the season caused. Winters can be harsh, particularly when there are high winds and heavy amounts of snow, and all of this can do some damage to your lawn and landscape. Spring marks the perfect time to go see what the extent of damage there is, come up with a plan, and start on your process of spring cleaning and yard waste removal so your landscape feels fresh and new once again.

Get to Cleaning

Once you have a plan, it’s time to put it into motion. Fallen branches, twigs, leaves, and anything else that found its way on your property can be removed. Raking your leaves in the fall helps prevent some of the worst of this so make sure you plan to do so next year if you didn’t already! A deep springtime raking will help control some of the buildups of dead grass and leaves anyway, so bring out the rake and get to cleaning—just be sure to do so when everything is dried out, otherwise, you can cause damage. Bag everything that comes up as yard waste and you will feel much better about the state of your lawn.

Tidying Your Garden

If anything in your garden died over the winter, you should remove them now. Get rid of any dead leaves or stalks from perennials or ornamental grasses that weren’t removed during the fall as well. Scissors can be a great tool for this task! 

What to Do With Yard Waste

Most municipalities have the capacity to collect your yard waste at your curb. This typically begins in the spring and will last throughout the year until fall. They’re able to compost your waste, turning it into amazing soil that is used in all kidneys of public projects. If you want, you can also compost your own yard waste and reuse it in your garden.

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Posted: April 7, 2022


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