Recover From Summer Storms With Yard Cleanup Services

Recover From Summer Storms With Yard Cleanup Services

Recover From Summer Storms With Yard Cleanup Services

Summer storms can be gone in the blink of an eye, but the damage they leave behind is often difficult to clean up. Let the team at Paul’s Lawn Service help with our yard cleanup services.

Summer brings with it lots of hardship for plants and landscaping. In addition to the wicked heat and scorching sun, there is also the likelihood of damaging storms. Even the more run-of-the-mill storms we get during the summer can topple trees, break off branches, and wipe away plants. Then there’s the occasional derecho that does severe damage. These storms take less time to blow through than they do for you to clean up in their wake, so let Paul’s Lawn Service help with our yard cleanup services.

Recovering Trees

After the storm passes, take some time to inspect your trees. If any have severe damage, such as large broken limbs or split trunks, they can pose a significant safety hazard and need to be addressed by a tree removal and trimming professional. If the storm has mostly downed small twigs and branches, you can often simply pick them up and dispose of them (via wood chipper or garbage pickup). If smaller branches need to come down, you may be able to DIY it if they are within reach and less than two inches in diameter. For dangling branches that are bigger or higher, you should consult a professional.

Helping Plants

Once the storm passes, you should also inspect your plants. If the whole plant has been uprooted, you may simply be able to replant it and watch it recover. If damage is mostly limited to leaves, those leaves can be removed, provided the damage doesn’t affect too many. If more than a third of the leaves need to be removed, you should likely consult a professional. If the stems are also snapped, there is very little likelihood that it will be able to recover. Your best bet is to remove it and replace it, and the team at Paul’s Lawn Service can help you manage that.

Aiding Lawns

The odds are good that your lawn may make it through a storm unscathed — unless, of course, you have dips in your yard that become ponds after rainstorms. Any puddling in your yard indicates a runoff issue. These can be fixed by landscaping to fill the depression or redirect the water flow. Alternatively, you could plant water-loving plants there to help soak up all of that extra H2O. Our experts can help you figure out which option is best.

Superior Landscaping Services from Paul’s Lawn Service

Paul’s Lawn Service has been offering high-quality lawn and landscape services to Sussex County, DE residents since 2003. We are small, local, and provide personalized service to each and every customer. We have unparalleled attention to detail and produce long-lasting results, both of which are reasons why we have been servicing so many of our customers’ landscapes for over a decade. We offer our comprehensive range of services to homeowners and business owners throughout Bethany Beach, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, and Millsboro. Give us a call today at 302-258-3887 or contact us online. Also, check us out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Posted: August 7, 2020


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