Why Is Professional Tree Removal Important?

Why Is Professional Tree Removal Important?

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As we head into fall and the threat of snow and ice looms large, it’s time to take a hard look at the trees on your property. If any are dead or dying, it might be time to call in the professionals. Removing dead trees, and pruning those with dead branches or sections, is an essential step in the process of ensuring the long-term safety and beauty of your home and property. But why should you hire professionals?

Keep Your Landscape Clean

To start, professional landscapers will be well versed on the best, least damaging way to remove or trim a dead or damaged tree. Not only does this mean that there will be less yard clean up afterward, but that the remaining tree will be better looking and safe from additional disease.  

Better Tree Health

Removing dead and decaying sections from a living tree can be difficult. When not appropriately removed the tree can suffer from further illness and damage. When the cuts on the tree from pruning are fresh they can be prone to infection, professionals are trained on how best to avoid these issues.

Improve Safety

There are several reasons you might need to remove a tree to improve your safety. One of the most obvious is that if there is a dead or damaged tree within fall radius of your home you’re putting yourself at risk. Less obvious, however, is the underground threats. If you have a tree growing too close to the foundation of your home you run the risk of its roots causing damage to your foundation or pipework. Roots can grow through or choke old pipes causing severe damage.

Save Time And Money

In the case of a tree causing foundation or pipe damage, the costs can be quite high. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the costs of equipment and potentially training. Removing trees and pruning them can be extremely dangerous, and should not be done without training. All of these costs and the time requirements can quickly add up, and the end result often is that professional services are safer, more time efficient, and cheaper.

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Posted: September 7, 2018


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