When to Mulch Your Property This Spring

When to Mulch Your Property This Spring

There is another source for returning nutrients to the soil in the same way: mulch.

Every year the discussion rages about when is the best time to clean up the fallen leaves on your property. Many people like to clean them up right away in the fall, while others purposefully leave them to break down over winter, providing nutrients for the soil and habitat for insects. On your residential property, the choice is yours, but on most commercial property, clean up is key to keep the space looking beautiful and prevent accidents. Luckily, there is another source for returning nutrients to the soil in the same way: mulch. Organic mulch breaks down in the same way and can provide many of the same benefits as leaving leaf liter over the winter. This does mean that it has to be replaced. Read on to learn the best time to do that and other important considerations.

Benefits Of Spring Re-Mulching

The benefits of mulching your property are numerous, including making it look nice and tidy – neat circles of mulch around trees and mulched beds with spring flowers poking up just look  well taken care of. The benefits don’t end there, however. Mulch helps protect roots from both last-minute cold but also searing heat through the summer and to conserve moisture in the ground. This is why spring is the ideal time to re-mulch your property, which should hopefully consist of “topping off” the exist mulch, rather than starting from scratch.

How Much Should You Put Down

If you already had a fully mulched bed, you should only have to “top off” the bed by adding an additional inch or two. This gives a good layer of protection and will help the older mulch break down more slowly since it is protected from the elements. It will also make the whole bed look fresh without wasting and replacing the mulch that is already there. 

The Type Of Mulch

The two major types of mulch are hardwood and pinestraw. Pinestraw tends to be less expensive but it also needs to be replaced more often since it breaks down faster. In some cases, you may find that you are replacing the pinestraw in both the spring and the fall. Hardwood chips or nuggets are more expensive but they physically last longer (their color tends to fade, however). Hardwood is the more common choice for playgrounds, if you are considering organic mulch.

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Posted: April 29, 2022


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