The Many Hidden Dangers of Snow Piles

The Many Hidden Dangers of Snow Piles

Snow piles for a lot of us mean frigid conditions, bundling up, brushing snow off of cars, and trudging through slush, ice, and inches of snow.

Have you ever wondered just how dangerous a snow pile could be? Snow piles for a lot of us mean frigid conditions, bundling up, brushing snow off of cars, and trudging through slush, ice, and inches of snow. However, it also presents a lot of hidden dangers that could cause injury and claim lives. From kids playing in or around snow piles, refreezing, and where exactly piles are located, there are many hidden dangers you should keep an eye out for and precautions that could be taken to help keep your children and you safe during this winter. Read on to learn about the hidden dangers of snow piles!

Kids Playing

What might seem like some innocent winter fun could potentially be a death trap for kids. Although they might look rugged and sturdy, snow piles might contain soft spots or pockets of air that could lead to sinkholes. They can fall in, causing the snow piles to collapse, trapping them and potentially leading to suffocation. If they do survive, they might suffer from hypothermia. While building snow forts and creating snow angels in these piles commonly seen at the apron of your driveway, kids are usually not paying attention to cars and snow piles as they approach them. It is difficult for drivers to see over piles while kids are playing, and they usually have to plow into the piles to move snow away from the streets. If close enough, they could be seriously hurt.

Placement of Snow Piles

In the event of a snowstorm, plow trucks should be careful about which areas snow is piled so not to create possible hazards. Piles should be far away from fire hydrants, stop signs, street corners, and other accessible locations. If they are, consider hiring Paul’s Lawn Services for our snow removal services! Make sure they’re kept far away from entry and exit points, as these snow piles could make entering and leaving a facility hard and unsafe for any EMS providers when responding to emergency calls.

Refreezing Ice

Even as ice starts to melt, at sundown, when temperatures start to cool, snow could refreeze and create icy conditions too. As melting happens, the water generated from these piles will naturally try to make its way to a lower spot or drain. If possible, piles should be placed as close as possible on the higher side near a drain to capture the water as it begins to melt. As a precautionary measure, the area around the snow piles might have to be salted to eliminate the slippery conditions. Paul’s Lawn Services can help with hauling and moving your snow piles, so give us a call if you’re interested, we’re so much more than a lawn service company!

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Posted: December 22, 2021


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