How To Know It Is Time To Remove A Tree

How To Know It Is Time To Remove A Tree

Remove dead branches before they become a safety hazard in your yard.

Trees are a wonderful and beautiful component of any yard. Any property owner is lucky to have a tree. They are a magnificent, natural addition to any landscape thanks to their stunning aesthetic and the cool shade they provide you with during hot, summer days. Unfortunately, there comes a time where tree removal is necessary. At times, the benefits of a tree are outnumbered be their potential consequences, which is when tree removal is needed. To know when it is time for tree removal, be on the lookout for the following signs that you need tree removal.

Dead Branches

Usually, when you find dead branches on a tree, a bit of tree pruning or trimming can save the day. By doing so, you are preventing the dead branches from falling off the tree and causing damage to your property or to someone on it. You want to avoid this potential catastrophe, which is why you would need to prune or trim the dead branches off the tree. However, there are circumstances where a simple trim or prune would be ineffective. If the branches are large, or the upper part of the trunk of the tree is leaning sideways, then those are warning signs that tree removal is needed and the whole tree needs to go. It is sad that tree removal is needed for just a dead branch or two, but it is best for the sake of safety.

Pests and Disease

Another problematic indicator that tree removal is needed is the sign that a tree is diseased or pests are present. There are treatments to handle both of these issues, but they do not always work or are sometimes treated when it is already too late. If a tree is attracting pests, those pests may quickly find their way into your nearby home or building. If a tree is diseased, branches may fall off, or the tree itself may entirely fall over. In these cases, you must seek tree removal immediately before any more harm can be done to your property.

Saves Money In The Long Run

Tree removal is expensive since you cannot do it on your own and must turn to a professional for help. If a tree dies, or branches fall off, as said before that can cause damage to your property. When there is damage that needs fixing on your property, the costs may very easily outweigh the cost of tree removal. That is why it is a good idea to get tree removal out of the way before any damage can be done that you will then need to fix.

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Posted: September 28, 2018


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