What You Should Know About Summer Lawn Care

What You Should Know About Summer Lawn Care

Use these tips to enhance the appearance of your lawn this summer!

Summer is almost here. Do you want to achieve a beautiful lawn this year? Many homeowners try hard year-in and year-out to obtain the perfect lawn, but always seem to come up a little short. If you want to avoid making some of the most common mistakes when it comes to lawn care, here are some of the basics you will want to keep in mind!


Grass grows significantly faster during the spring and summer months. For that reason, weekly mowing is a crucial part of summer lawn care. If you want to keep, your lawn maintained you need to prevent it from overgrowth, which will make it more prone to disease. However, even with that said, you do not want to mow your grass too short as it is also bad for the blades.


Water is life. You don’t want to skip out on watering your lawn during the summer season.  You can’t always depend on rainfall to keep your lawn watered, so you may want to consider investing in an irrigation system. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to watering, you are much better off watering deeply and infrequently, than doing in on a frequent basis. This is because deep watering is better for the grass root systems. When you don’t water well enough, the grass and soil are more prone to dry out.


There is a reason why many professional landscapers and gardeners rely on mulch during the summer season. Mulching is an inexpensive, yet effective way to help your lawn during the hot months of the year. It serves as a protective layer that sits atop the soil to help it retain moisture. A thick layer of mulch also helps to prevent weed growth and stop soil erosion. On top of all that, mulch looks nice as it provides your landscape with a nice contrast of color.

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Posted: June 15, 2018


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