junk removal service

Junk Removal Service Spotlight: How to Clean Your Garage

junk removal service

Follow these four steps to give your garage a thorough cleaning and take advantage of Paul’s junk removal services.

Did you know that Paul’s Lawn Service also does junk removal? For one clear junk removal rate, you can clear out all of the clutter from the messy spaces in your home. Take full advantage of this service by cleaning out your garage this summer. If your garage has become a haven for random electronics, mismatched furniture, or old tools, you should haul it all outside for removal. Your garage should be more than just a junk pit. Follow these four steps to give your garage a thorough cleaning and take advantage of Paul’s junk removal services.

1. Schedule and Goals

Your first step in cleaning your garage should be to make a schedule for the cleanup. It’s too easy to put it off until “next weekend,” which never actually comes. Even if your schedule is just an hour or two every Saturday, planning it out with concrete dates can help ensure that you complete your tasks. It can also be helpful to divide your large garage into smaller portions and set goals for each cleaning session. For example, you can set aside one two-hour window to only go through one particular corner of your garage. Dividing the herculean task of cleaning your garage up into smaller, more manageable bits makes it more likely that you will succeed.

2. Use a System

Rather than just examining items and moving them to a different part of your garage, go into cleaning with a system. One example is using piles to organize your junk. You can sort things into one of three piles: keep, not keeping but useful for someone else, and trash. Based on which pile you put items in, they are either kept, donated or sold, or hauled off using Paul’s junk removal service.

3. Have Paul’s Lawn Service Remove Your Junk

Once everything is sorted into piles, call the professionals at Paul’s Lawn Service. At Paul’s, we take junk removal seriously. We avoid sending reusable or recyclable items to the landfill whenever possible, and we do our best to dispose of all junk in a safe and eco-conscious way. Our responsible and respectful professionals will pick up junk from your property and use their expertise and know-how to ensure that all materials are disposed of properly.

4. Organize Your Garage

Once your junk is gone and your reusable items are sold or donated, it is time to reorganize the things you’ve decided to keep. This is also a great time to do some surface cleaning and get rid of stubborn stains on your garage floors, walls, shelves, or workbenches. Clearly label all of your boxes and store them so that you can find things you regularly use with ease.

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Posted: July 10, 2019


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