How to Improve Landscape Lighting at Night

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Good landscape lighting could convince you to spend time with your home’s outdoor living areas – even if you’re bundled up and huddling around a bonfire!

Considering how cold it is outside, you might be less keen to spend time outdoors. After all, as crisp as it is during the day, the chilliness can feel almost unbearable after sunset. Good landscape lighting could convince you to spend time with your home’s outdoor living areas – even if you’re bundled up and huddling around a bonfire! 

Find Ways to Illuminate Your Entire Landscape 

What unifies your home’s exterior? Everything should work to create a metaphorical mural that will boost your curb appeal. Trees, bushes, flowers, and pathways can be greater than the sum of their parts as long as they are aligned. You should consider other aspects of landscaping and hardscaping: driveways, home architecture, gazebos, decks, and patios. Beyond improving your nighttime ambiance, what are your other motivations for undertaking this project? Before you answer, take some time to read through the rest of our advice. 

Think About What Effect It Has On the Inside 

The outdoor lighting can affect your comfort levels inside your home. Besides, who wants to be kept up at night? Don’t let this potential hiccup put you off from adding more light to your home’s landscape

Which Direction Do You Want to Angle It? 

Now then, the next question to answer is, “Which direction do you want to aim the light in?” There is downlighting, uplighting, and cross lighting. To accomplish downlighting, hang the lights from trees or architectural features so that they point downward. Likewise, the uplighting technique calls for you to angle the lights upward from below. And finally, cross-lighting makes a focal point look even more amazing. Perhaps you could use it to highlight your Christmas tree?

Taking Lighting Levels into Account 

There are also multiple lighting levels you’ll need to take into account. Just like when you’re lighting the kitchen, this dimension of lighting can make your landscape look prettier than it ever has. Your choices include overall lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Do you want to light up your lawn and garden? Use overall lighting. Do you want to make it easier to walk across the backyard? Use task lighting. Do you want to make your water fountain glow? Then use accent lighting. 

Focus on Enhanced Security Lighting 

Motion-activated lighting does more than just impress your guests. It can scare off sneaky intruders looking to trespass or hungry animals who want to munch on your vegetables. Besides the perimeter, you can install security lighting over the garage or by back doors and side doors. It’s also extremely important to light up the areas around your backyard pool, just in case!

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Posted: November 23, 2021


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