Important Elements of Landscape Design

Important Elements of Landscape Design

Paul’s Lawn & Tree Service can take your landscape design to the next level!

Many people see landscape design as a platform that services various purposes. You can use it to highlight the beauty of your home, create an outdoor living space, or even cultivate a thriving vegetable garden. For the design to be successful, beautiful, and well balanced, there are some important elements that every landscape should include.


Being playful and purposeful with dimension will take the visual appeal of your landscape design to the next level. For height, use columns, fencing, or vines and other plants to help bring the eye up from the ground. Vertical accents can also enhance the function of your space by creating clever places to store your outdoor accessories.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting serves many purposes in the design of your landscape. To start, it draws attention to those elements that you’re most proud of, including your garden or other architectural elements. In the evening, not only does lighting extend the amount of time you’re able to entertain outside, it gives new life to your landscape by continuing to illuminate its beauty. Use lighting fixtures as part of the design itself by frame your walkway, driveway, or even the areas surrounding your garden.


There are so many opportunities to incorporate texture into your landscape design, starting with natural elements. Choose flowers and plants that feature different textures that will complement each other when planted in close proximity. It helps move the eye around the space and adds more intrigue. In addition, another way to add texture is through furniture. Choose chairs and table settings that help mix natural with man-made elements, bridging the gap between rustic style and modern flair.


Use your landscape as an opportunity to incorporate bright color. Be careful from creating a sea of green, which can make your landscape look flat and dull. There are many flowers and other design elements that allow you to brighten up the space. Paint your deck, gazebo, bird feeder, or even your fence a color that will complement those other natural elements.  

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Posted: June 1, 2018


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