Handy Leaf Removal Tips from Paul’s Lawn Service

Handy Leaf Removal Tips from Paul’s Lawn Service

This time of year, there are not too many leaves lying around, but it is never too early to brush up on the best ways for removal.

What is your current leaf removal strategy? Does it involve a bit of clean-up each weekend or one large leaf haul at the end of the season? Are you one who rakes leaves? Or a leaf blower person? Who is cleaning out your gutters? This time of year, there are not too many leaves lying around, but it is never too early to brush up on the best ways for removing leaves. Read on for a handful of our handy leaf removal tips for your landscape!

Blow Them Away

The easiest and quickest method of leaf removal is through a leaf blower. High-powered leaf blowers are usually too heavy and possibly dangerous for a kid to operate, so consider the various pros and cons before you buy yourself a chore. Of course, leaf blowing is only right in homes with an area to blow leaves around in. Your neighbor’s yard doesn’t count! If you need some leaf blowing services, then call Paul’s Lawn Service today!

Bag Them Up

If your yard does not have a spot to dump leaves, do not go starting a war with your neighbor by blowing the leaves into their lawn. The old-school rake and bag method is easy, although time-consuming. This is a good chore for kids of all ages too. Oftentimes rules and regulations regarding yard waste apply during waste collection, so always check in with local laws and regulations to ensure your leaves are in the correct receptacles.

Remember to rake or blow all your leaves towards a big tarp laid out on the lawn. If you are doing leaf removal by yourself, then this method might not be the best idea. If you’ve got a partner or crew, it becomes a much easier task to grab one side of the tarp and move the debris over towards the woods or otherwise designated dumping spot.

Shred Up the Leaves

If your lawn is entirely covered in leaves, do a quick pass with your lawnmower to cut up the leaves. A lot of lawnmowers come with a leaf-specific attachment that will bag up the leaves for you. This will allow for you to more easily repurpose the leaves as a type of mulch or fertilizer. Fill up your flower beds, compost, or garden with mulched leaves. We at Paul’s Lawn Service can assist with this process as well, so give us a call if you have more questions!

Superior Landscaping Services from Paul’s Lawn Service

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Posted: March 4, 2022


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