Convenient Summer Landscaping Tips

Convenient Summer Landscaping Tips

There are a few summer landscaping basics that you should know about.

As we start off the summer season, you may end up having some trouble with your plants and your landscape as a whole. That hot sun can be enjoyable to sit in but your landscape has to be exposed to it 24/7, which can cause some trouble! Keeping up with your landscape during the summer isn’t always easy. Don’t give up, though, as we have all the tips you need to know. Here are some summer landscaping basics to keep you going throughout the scorching upcoming months!

Regular Maintenance

While your landscaping maintenance needs are going to change throughout the year, it’s always an important element of keeping your landscape looking great. This is true of summer landscaping too, where you can take the time to help keep trees and plants from becoming overgrown and becoming unsightly or, even worse, dangerous

Regular mowing can help keep your lawn looking great as well. Just be mindful not to cut your grass shorter than three and a half inches. This allows your grass to have long enough roots to be durable, which can help it while it undergoes heat stress during the hotter summer months.

Landscaping Hydration

You know how nothing feels better than a cold bottle of water on a hot summer day? Well, you’re not the only one who feels that way: your plants need to stay hydrated as well! Make water part of your summer landscaping routine. Ideally, you should be watering infrequently but deeply—in other words, give your plants a deep soak once in a while instead of drawing them with water every day. Water earlier in the day if you can as well as this can protect plants later on in a hot day.

Sprinkler systems are a great alternative if you want to make this process easier. Program your sprinklers to do all that watering for you! 

Using Fertilizer

While critical year-round, using fertilizer becomes even more important when dealing with the summer heat. It can vary depending on your climate and the conditions of your landscape however. The best way to figure out how much and what kind of fertilizer you need is to visit a garden center and ask, or have a professional landscaper come in to assess what you may need. Avoid applying fertilizer when it’s hotter than 90 degrees out for best results.

Keeping Pests Away

Bugs and unwanted animals can do harm to your landscapes. Insects in particular can end up wreaking havoc on your plants, so as part of your summer landscaping plan, make sure you apply organic, safe pesticides wherever needed. If you’re unsure of doing this yourself, contact a professional who can apply it for you.

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Posted: May 26, 2022


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