Common Benefits of Springtime Mulching

Common Benefits of Springtime Mulching

Common Benefits of Springtime Mulching

Contact the experts at Paul’s Lawn Service and take advantage of these benefits of springtime mulching.

As early-blooming flowers begin to awaken from dormancy, Delawareans are putting more and more thought into seasonal landscape maintenance. Mulching is a popular practice in mid-to-late spring, but many homeowners don’t really know what mulch does for their gardens. The team at Paul’s Lawn Service can apply mulch with the best of them, and home and business owners can rest easy with professional mulching services. Contact the experts at Paul’s Lawn Service and take advantage of these benefits of springtime mulching.

Mulching Regulates Moisture and Temperature

One of the most significant benefits of mulching is that it creates an insulating layer between soil and the air. This can help lock in warmth, protect tender plants from extreme temperature fluctuations, and keep the soil moist. Adding mulch in mid-to-late spring allows the soil to warm up a bit, and it creates a protective layer to mitigate the effects of spring’s unpredictable weather changes. Mulching is also ideal for those concerned about water use or who often forget to water their plants; a thick layer of mulch can reduce evapotranspiration rates, keeping the dirt moist.

Mulch Keeps Weeds and Erosion at Bay

Mulching isn’t just great for plants — it’s great for your soil and landscape design, too. Many homeowners and landscapers use mulch as a barrier to suppress weeds and unwanted plant growth. A thick layer of shredded wood, stone, or landscape fabric can choke out weeds while allowing the intended plants to thrive. It can also protect your soil from the harsh weather that can wash it away. Erosion can seriously hamper your gardening efforts over time, but routine mulch use can help limit soil loss. Of course, some homeowners choose mulch simply because it looks great: shredded wood and stone mulches add a distinct visual appeal and polished appearance that is hard to ignore!

Natural Mulches Add Nutrients Over Time

Even at the end of the year, when your shredded wood mulch isn’t shiny and new, it’s still doing its job. Mulches made of shredded wood, pine needles, or bark slowly degrade and reintroduce nutrients into the soil. While you still may need fertilizers or compost, a bit of nutrition from mulch can give your plants a slight boost.

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Posted: March 19, 2021


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