The Best Tree Maintenance Tips to Avoid Damages

The Best Tree Maintenance Tips to Avoid Damages

Tree maintenance is one of the most important landscaping duties there is.

At the heart of every good landscape are its trees. They’re great for boosting your home’s appearance, offering cooling shade during the summer, giving you quality air, cutting down your energy bills, and even increasing the value of your property. That’s all the case assuming you properly maintain your trees, because if you don’t, they can even end up being a safety hazard. Tree maintenance is one of the most important landscaping duties there is, so let’s take a look at some of our top tree maintenance tips.

Stay Safe

First things first, you always want to maintain safety standards during any tree maintenance. Falling trees cause billions in property damage every year, and believe it or not, they hurt quite a few people too. The best way to reduce tree-related damage like clogged gutters and plumbing problems is to be proactive about safety. Properly trimming trees can help prevent them from falling, as can removing weak or dead trees. Make sure you wear proper safety equipment and if you don’t have access to it, work with a professional like Paul’s Lawn Service.

Pruning Your Trees

If you want your trees to maintain their structural integrity, it’s important that you practice proper pruning and trimming. Letting your trees become overgrown means an unsightly tree with dangerous branches that also attract pests or over-shade other plants. By utilizing a professional tree trimming service, the right equipment can be brought in to periodically prune any weak, damaged, or dying branches, preventing the possibility of a hazardous situation. 

Disease and Damages

Keep an eye out for any signs of disease or other damage that may be impacting your trees. Any diseased trees can end up collapsing and damaging your property or hurting someone. Some symptoms include hollowness, decay, leaning, limbs touching power lines, mushroom growth, and low-hanging branches. Any red flags are a good sign that you should call a professional to take a look at the damages for you.

Removing Weak or Dead Trees

If you have any weak, dying, or dead trees on your property, you should consider removing them. These hazardous trees can easily get knocked down during a storm and take out a power line or destroy your roof. Working with a tree removal service means that you can quickly take care of any trees on your property that may pose a problem.

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Posted: April 15, 2022


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