The Best Mid-Atlantic Winter Landscaping Guide

The Best Mid-Atlantic Winter Landscaping Guide

Winter landscaping on your property can be very aesthetically pleasing.

Both summer and spring are excellent seasons. It is the time when your yard looks the prettiest, filled with flowers, lush green grasses, and other flowering trees. However, we’re now in the winter, and you might have noticed that the beauty you love so much during the spring and summer has faded away. Luckily, there is no need to worry, as winter landscaping on your property can be just as aesthetically pleasing. Read on for a few winter landscaping tips for Mid-Atlantic homeowners!

Evergreen Trees Add Winter Landscaping Beauty

Evergreens are an excellent way to help your winter landscaping look lush and beautiful all winter. When you live in the northeast, snow and ice are just a part of the winter. As a result, you should really try to make sure your landscaping includes plants that don’t just beautify it during the warm months. Evergreens are an excellent way to add a bit of color, and that color doesn’t have to be green. For example, a Blue Dwarf Spruce will have a nice blueish hue to it, while Gold Thread False Cypresses can offer some beautiful yellows. Both could be used as accent points throughout your entire landscaping or to help separate different spots. Either way, they’ll look dynamite regardless of the season.

Attract Birds with Water and Food

During the chilly months, most of your efforts to attract birds during the summer will not work. Your birdbath, for example, will freeze easily. Luckily, you can do some things to ensure that even during the winter, birds will still bring color, life, and activity to your yard. Make sure your bird feeder is packed with some seeds. Especially during the winter, birds will find it harder to find their food, and a reliable source can turn your yard into a more desirable area. You can also make sure that your birdbath does not freeze by getting creative, like by using a heated dog bowl. Shrubs with winter berries like crabapples and holly can both add some color to your yard while attracting birds.

Considering Your Hardscape

During the winter, you cannot rely on your garden, flowers, and shrubs to provide shape and color to your yard. That, in turn, will increase the importance of hardscaping in preparation for the cold season. Adding a bench or trellis can add both color and coherence to your winter landscape, even if you cannot plan vines on the trellis.

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Posted: January 6, 2022


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