Is Autumn the Right Time for Mulching?

Is Autumn the Right Time for Mulching?

Is Autumn the Right Time for Mulching?

Many people associate mulching with springtime landscape maintenance, but should you be mulching in autumn as well? Read on to find out!

Many people associate mulching with springtime landscape maintenance. This is because many people mulch in the spring as they are cleaning, rebuilding, and otherwise landscaping their properties. That thick layer of mulch helps tie the yard together, creates sharp, bold lines for your beds, and even helps flowers pop against the dark background. Mulch does so much more than just make your landscaping look great, however. Mulching helps to reduce weeds, conserve heat and water in the soil, and, unless you use artificial mulch, provide nutrients once it breaks down. With all these benefits, should you be mulching in autumn as well? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Mulching in Autumn

One of the significant benefits of mulching in the fall is that it will mostly still be there in the spring. If you are always super busy in the spring and you never get around to mulching, this could be the ideal solution. Do a full mulch application this autumn, and you will be ready to go come spring. The color will not be as deep and striking, but the mulch will be just as effective. Another critical reason to mulch in the fall is to protect plants from Delaware’s harsh winters. Add mulch in the fall, around Thanksgiving. Many plants need a few freezes to go dormant, but mulching after a few touches of frost can help to insulate your plants against further harsh weather. This is especially important if you planted a lot of new plants this year. Finally, if you did mulch this spring but there are holes or gaps, you should add a small layer as a refresh.

Benefits of Mulching in Other Seasons

Mulching in autumn can be an alternative to spring mulching, or you can do both. Mulching in the spring inhibits weed growth, but a thick enough layer in the fall can also accomplish this. Mulching in late autumn could also be an alternative to winter mulching, if you get enough cold freezes before you do it. Winter mulching is important to protect perennials from heaving out of the frozen ground and evergreen trees and bushes from drying out. Mulching in the very late fall can achieve the same effect without trapping too much heat.

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Posted: October 18, 2019


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