How To Achieve The Perfect Yard

How To Achieve The Perfect Yard

The pH level, otherwise known as the acidity of the soil, is important for lawn growth.

Lawn care is more than just a matter of cutting the grass — to maintain a lush and healthy lawn; you’ll need to feed your lawn the nutrients and maintain the habits that will help your lawn grow. Check out these five tips for lawn care.

Check the Soil

The pH level, otherwise known as the acidity of the soil, is important for lawn growth. Don’t judge the soil in your lawn based on its appearance alone. Soil with a high level of acidity will make it difficult for grass to grow. Have the pH level of your soil tested and use the results to give you direction for feeding your lawn. Sprinkling lime is a great way to raise the pH while iron will lower it. A good pH level for the average lawn rests between 6.0 and 7.2.

Grass in the Shade

Treat grass in shaded areas differently from the way you treat grass that receives light from the sun. In fact, many people choose to over-fertilize this area because they think it needs the help — the opposite is true. Because there’s less evaporation that takes place in shaded areas, you should water and fertilize it less than sunny areas.

Tree Size

When planting a tree, remember to consider the growth potential. Do your research on how tall and wide the tree is expected to grow as this will have major implications for the structure and integrity of your home. Although trees start small, it will eventually become a large plant that could obstruct your gutters and damage your roof.


When your soil is healthy, there will be fewer weeds that you’ll have to deal with. Testing the soil will let you know what type of fertilizer and nutrients that it requires. The nutrient-stressed soil is the perfect platform for weed growth. Make sure that your soil is properly fed.

Ground Covers

Have you considered the benefits of using ground covers? Ground covers are great for softening rock features and controlling erosion on sloped property. For good soil, kill the current vegetation to serve as mulch. You can also use shredded bark and other mulch to conserve moisture while your groundcover becomes established.  

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Posted: April 30, 2018


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