5 Ways To Plan for Spring Landscaping

5 Ways To Plan for Spring Landscaping

Enhance your property’s curb appeal this spring!

Spring is an especially exciting time of the year because it is a chance to revamp your outdoor space into an oasis for the summer. If you are looking to spruce up your landscaping for the warmer months, consider these five ways to start planning today!

Gather Inspiration

When shopping for your new landscaping look, your favorite magazines and tv shows are a great starting point for inspiration. As the weather starts to warm up, you may also want to consider taking a stroll around your neighborhood for more direction. You may spot some things you want to incorporate into your landscape.

Consider the Climate

It is important that you fully understand the climate in which you live. This will directly affect what types of plants and flowers will thrive in your yard. Also, you need to consider the amount of sunlight you expect your landscape to receive during the spring season.

Respond to Pests

You’ll want to protect all your hard work and investments from the pests that are seeking shelter and food on your property. Consult local experts about what pests you’ll likely be working against and get advice on the best ways to respond to them. You may consider installing fencing, using traps, or other repellants.

Plan Ahead

As you’re searching for inspiration, it is a good idea also to start planning some of the projects that you’d like to tackle. If this is a brand-new garden or flowers that you want to plant, start taking measurements of your yard. This will give you some insight into how many plants you’ll need for coverage and how much mulch you’ll need to purchase.  With a plan already in place, once the weather becomes ideal, you’ll be able to head right out and get to work.

Choose the Right Time

Did you know that timing is a huge part of landscaping? Plants usually come with recommendations for the perfect weather for planting. Also, you can do some online research or speak to your local experts about what types of flowers will complement your landscape, your home, and your personal style.

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Posted: March 26, 2018


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