5 Tree Maintenance Tips

5 Tree Maintenance Tips

Tree trimming maintenance is essential to the overall health and appearance of your tree.

Trees ad beauty, dimension, and shade to our landscapes. They are elegant and rustic at the same time. To ensure that they remain healthy and strong, they require regular maintenance. Here are five tips to help you continue enjoying the benefits of your trees. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming maintenance is essential to the overall health and appearance of your tree. If you have the experience and tools for the task, it’s something that many homeowners can do on their own. Without these things, the best route to take is to hire a professional tree trimming service for the best attention to detail and quality service. Trimming includes the removal of dead branches to make way for the growth of new, healthy branches.

Soil Testing

The soil is the base for the growth of everything in your landscape, especially your trees. With that said, the soil itself must be healthy and consist of the right level of nutrients and pH to foster and sustain growth. You can test your soil for its pH level and minerals with a soil-testing kit. If necessary, you can then add lime to increase your soil’s pH or sulfur to lower the level.


All living things require water to live and grow, including your trees. Regular watering is incredibly important for new trees. As the roots extend deeper into the earth and the tree gradually gets larger, it will draw up water from the ground. In general, you should supply 10 gallons of water per inch of the tree trunk’s diameter.


Mulch is a great resource for your trees. The first benefit is its ability to insulate your trees from the heat of direction sunlight, which helps it retain moisture from rain and watering. It also provides valuable nutrients as it breaks down, which acts as a fertilizer. The thickness of the layer of mulch you’ll need depends on the size of your tree.

Disease and Pest Removal

Be careful to quickly respond to any disease and pests that are present in your trees. Monitor your trees carefully throughout the year. It may be necessary to use fungicides and other bug treatments.

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Posted: May 7, 2018


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