5 October Landscaping Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Space this Fall

5 October Landscaping Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Space this Fall

Liven your landscape this fall!

October weather feels like the official start of fall on the East Coast, with chilly temperatures and dry air setting in for the season. With fall weather also comes the need for fall landscape maintenance to keep your outdoor space healthy and looking great for spring and summer! As you prepare your landscape for upcoming winter months, consider these five October landscaping tips for maintaining your yard this fall.

Alter Your Watering Schedule

Maintaining your watering schedule is crucial to the upkeep of your landscape. With chilly nights quickly approaching, your landscape will be retaining moisture and require less watering in the upcoming months. While the amount of water that you use should remain the same, the frequency of how often you water your lawn should be reduced for fall to keep your landscape healthy.

Add Annuals to Your Landscape

Annuals are perfect for incorporating instant fall color to your outdoor space for the season. With beautiful fall annuals such as mums and pansies, your yard can have an easy splash of color for autumn entertaining. Add pops of dark reds, oranges, and purple to your landscape design for easy fall decor in your outdoor space.

Remove Bothersome Weeds

Prevent nasty weeds from settling in your landscape this month by removing them as soon as you see them in your yard. By weeding and adding a little mulch to various spots around your yard, you can quickly reduce the weeds popping up in your landscape. This step should also help to reduce the amount of weeds that you will see in spring and summer months later on.

Continue Applying Fertilizer

Fertilizing is a crucial aspect of the health of your landscape. From trees to fall vegetable fertilizer is essential to the growth of your plants this month. As temperatures begin to drop in October, root growth begins to take over for plants during this season. By fertilizing in October and throughout the winter, you can ensure that your plants will be able to absorb nutrients for excellent growth during the spring.

Fall Tree Maintenance

Trimming the trees around your landscape is an important part of fall landscape maintenance. By caring for your trees this October, you are taking a crucial step in protecting the various investments of your landscape. This step can also help you to prevent additional damage to other parts of your landscape during winter storms, such as reducing the risk of falling branches in your outdoor space. October is also one of the best months to trim away damage to your tree branches from summer storms or harsh weather.

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Posted: October 19, 2018


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