3 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

3 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Achieve the perfect lawn this spring with these tips!

Lawn care is a landscaping job that requires the right touch to be successful. It’s not just a job for the spring or summer, but it’s one for the fall as well. As your lawn has been dormant in the winter, it will need your attention as the weather begins to warm up again.

The Right Timing

A major key to effective spring lawn care is starting at the right time. It’s true that preparation is a great way to start, but proper preparation is better than starting too early or too late. Many people believe that a great time to get started is as soon as the weather starts to warm up. Those early warm spring days are tempting for many homeowners to go outside and conduct some lawn care, but there are more indicators to pay attention to than just the weather. After being dormant for the winter, your lawn needs some time to gradually wake up. Starting too early runs the risk of compacting your grass and killing new shoots. Wait until it is mostly green to start your lawn care routine.  

Test the Soil

Head to a home and garden store to pick up a soil pH test. This will go a long way toward helping you prepare your lawn for spring and summer. It provides valuable information about the acidity level in your soil. The winter will often cause your soil to become quite acidic, which makes it difficult for grass to grow and thrive. Lime is a great solution for grass with high acidity levels. Simply sprinkle a thin layer across your lawn to neutralize the acid and promote better growth.


The new warm weather is encouraging your lawn to soak up nutrients. This means that even if you took the time to fertilize in the fall, your lawn will probably require a fresh layer of fertilizer in the spring. However, proper fertilizer application throughout the year, especially in the fall, is usually enough to prepare your lawn for the warm of spring and the heat of summer.  

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Posted: April 23, 2018


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