sod installation

3 Reasons to Choose Sod Installation

sod installation

Sod installation is the perfect service for anyone who needs to give their new, patchy, or dead lawn a quick facelift.

Summer is nearly upon us, and many Delawareans are already enjoying the warm weather. If you find yourself jealous of your friends and neighbors who are cavorting on their pristine lawns, consider upgrading your yard with sod. Whether you have just moved into a new home or you are trying to augment your current yard, sod is the perfect way to help create a lush, full lawn with less of a wait time than traditional seeding methods. Sod installation is the perfect service for anyone who needs to give their new, patchy, or dead lawn a quick facelift. Keep reading to see three reasons why sod installation is the ideal choice for your yard.

1. Easier Than Seed

Growing a full lawn from grass seed might seem like a neat idea, but it takes time, work, and lots of water. First, the soil has to be prepared and raked flat. Then the grass seed needs to be planted and covered with no more than a quarter of an inch of soil. Once that is done, the grass seed must be watered at least once per day, without accidentally washing away or disturbing the seed. After all of this work, grass seed can take a month or more to germinate and produce some semblance of a lawn. Even then, grass takes a long time to grow into a full, thick lawn.

2. Full Lawn Instantly

With sod installation, you get the look of a full lawn instantly. Your lawn and landscape professionals will prepare the soil, lay down mats of sod, press the mats down, water the sod, and then the sod is installed. After that, it is up to you to water the sod regularly and keep vigorous activity on your lawn to a minimum while the roots develop. Unlike with seed, you do not have to wait for patches of grass to come in. Sod can also be more effective than grass seed on areas with steep hills, as the grass seed can settle unevenly.

3. Great Curb Appeal

Any great lawn will bump up the value of your property. With sod installation, you get increased curb appeal instantly. There is no wait time during which your yard is filled with dirt, weeds, or puddles of muddy grass seed. If you want to add to the curb appeal of your home or commercial property without delay, contact your local landscaping professionals today.

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Posted: June 12, 2019


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