3 January Landscaping Tips

3 January Landscaping Tips

Proper mulching will protect the roots of trees, shrubs, and other plants.

The new year is officially here. Now is a great time to go over a few winter landscaping tips that you can use over the next few months to keep your landscape looking great throughout the season and into spring. Since winter is the dormant season for most plant species, landscaping efforts are often disregarded. There is no reason why you can’t keep your property looking great all year long! Keep reading and discover just a few landscaping tips you can use this January!

Prune Certain Species Of Trees

Generally speaking, fruit trees need more attention that other plant species during winter. If you want them to thrive during the spring and summer months, you may need to prune them back into a healthy shape. This will encourage healthy growth in the upcoming months.

Refill Mulch Beds

Mulch is a landscaper’s best friend. It is used for a variety of landscaping tasks and is used for keep the ground warm to protect the roots of trees and plants. Unfortunately, the winter weather can take a toll on mulch beds. High winters and various forms of precipitation can leave your mulch beds appearing rather bare. Spend some time throughout winter refilling your mulch beds with fresh mulch.

Protect Your Trees From Snow Damage

Many weather experts have already protected that this winter is going to be a snowy season. When it does snow, it is a good idea to spend some time gently shaking trees to remove excess snow. The extra weight of snow can cause significant damage to the integrity of the tree. There is no need to bother chipping off any ice from a tree because this can hurt it. You can just allow any ice to melt naturally.

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Posted: January 4, 2019


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